Alexandria E. Latimer

Business Intelligence & Consumer Insights Strategist

Helping you find the answers, one question at a time

 My Story

I’ve always been inquisitive and extremely creative. Those two attributes allow me to continuously pour into my unique set of varied skills that make me the embodiment of the term, multi-passionate. I remember as a child, when the rest of my class wanted to be ballerinas and firemen, I told my teachers that I wanted to be a lawyer and work in a pizza shop on the weekends.

 While I haven’t attended law school or applied for that job  flipping pizza dough (yet), I have amassed a large and growing set of skills that allow me to feed both my inquisitive and creative sides, as well as doing what I enjoy most- helping others. As a student of life, it is my goal to learn something new everyday and find something new to peak my interests. My constant desire to learn and curiosity about how and why things work the way that they do, usually have always led to more questions. Out of this my passion for research was born.

I have spent the more than a decade building a career in audience measurement, behavioral analytics and consumer insights. Helping my corporate employers and clients understand the strength of their brands and level setting their performance within their respective industries while allowing them to hear directly from their consumer base is the basis of my life’s work. 

My Approach

People and organizations that have a desire to advance and grow but have more questions than answers or strategy is my kryptonite. But listening and hearing beyond the surface is my superpower. I am bringing my years of corporate and non-profit experience in strategy building and insight generation directly to those who need it most.

 Too often, companies use the data provided to them by key external stakeholders to generate internal answers and strategies. My goal is to make sure every person, organization or company has their own internal data, built around their own goals and business motivations so that they can understand who their core consumers are and what they have to say.  At the bare minimum, I want every business to have a pulse on how their brand or business is viewed within their industry and how their product, service or event resonates with their core demographic. Keeping clients well informed with their own data and well equipped to advance their business, is my top priority.

 I find answers for my client’s most difficult challenges and create an attainable and an actionable strategy for their new or existing goals.

Recent Testimonials

Alexandria demonstrates great interests in all projects and integrates professionalism in all areas of practice.  She is not afraid to take on difficult projects and handles challenges with great confidence and skill. Alexandria exceeded my expectations beyond my imagination. 

Aigner Fells, Beyond Infinity, LLC

Alexandria is a reliable, creative, and insightful thought-leader. I have asked her to join in on many of my projects,  brainstorming sessions, and have her consult on all major business decisions prior to making them. Working with Alexandria is essential to my long-term legacy building. 

Sangeetha Subramanian, HR Professional